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Founded in 1971, Davis Wholesale Supply® quickly expanded to become the Midwest’s largest wholesaler of salt and bottled water. We understand the demand for salt throughout various industries, which allows us to cater to individual business needs. We have built our very own efficient logistics network where we can provide our customers with uninterupted deliveries year-round.

Our salt portfolio includes many industry-leading brands such as Pro’s Pick®, Diamond Crystal®, Champion’s Choice®, Alberger®, ProSlicer®, and Ice Patrol®, allowing you to be confident that you are getting the highest-quality salt on the market. We’ve got you covered when it comes to salt – you can get everything you need at Davis Wholesale Supply.


Within each industry, we have worked with a number of different companies, all of which had their own unique needs and demands. As a result, we have gained valuable insight into the needs of such companies, which allows us to better understand the demands of our customers. We are able to provide you with advice regarding the best times for your delivery as well as provide you with the most efficient schedule to avoid unnecessary storage, such as just-in-time delivery services.
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Water Softener Dealers
Farm & Feed Stores
School Corporations
Colleges & Universities
Water Treatment Facilities
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Food & Bottling Manufacturing Facilities
Gas Stations
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Landscape Companies
Snow Removal Companies
Auto Manufacturers & Dealers
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Car Washes
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Apartment Complexes
Assisted Living Facilities

Product Categories

We offer numerous products for all of our clients, which can be found in the following categories

Water Softener Salt

We provide a wide range of top-quality water conditioning salt for both businesses and home use

Ice Melt & Rock Salt

We can provide you with high-quality ice melt salt to make sure you’re prepared for any situation

Premium Bottled Water

Enjoy the crisp, clean taste of Aqua Von Drinking Water, our reverse osmosis, carbon filtered bottled water

Food Grade Salt

Our pure, great-tasting food grade salt is fantastic for manufacturing, providing you with the best tasting results

Agricultural Salt

No matter your agricultural demands, we have the salt for you, covering all your farming salt needs