Food Grade Salt

It’s the shape that makes it great.

Alberger® brand flake salts, exclusively from Cargill, is tiny, multi-faceted salt crystals created from a process that starts with a hollow pyramid shape. These unique crystals with a large surface area and low bulk density provide superior adherence, blendability, and solubility compared to regular cube-shaped granulated salt. The rapid solubility also gives Alberger® Salt its flavor burst when used in topical applications. Alberger® brand flake salt is available in a wide variety of granulation sizes with and without flow agents.

Alberger® Shur-Flo® Fine Flake Salt

Our Alberger® Shur-Flo® Fine Flake Salt is a high-purity, food grade, natural crystalline, coarse flake salt that contains Yellow Prussiate of Soda (YPS), glycerin, and sodium silicoaluminate (SSA) for consistent flow and dust control. It is ideal for use in seasonings, meats, curing, baking, blending, and processed cheese.

Alberger® Fine Prepared Flour Salt

Alberger® Fine Prepared Flour Salt is an ultra-fine, food grade, high-purity, natural flour salt that contains tricalcium phosphate (TCP), a free-flowing and anti-caking agent. This salt is ideal for use in snacks, doughs, prepared mixes, and seasonings.

Top-Flo® Granulated Salt

Top-Flo® Granulated Salt is food grade, high-purity, and white crystalline salt that is intended for a variety of food applications such as seasoning, meat processing, prepared mixes, cheese manufacturing, and baking. This salt also contains Yellow Prussiate of Soda (YPS) as an anti-caking agent.

Hi-Grade Granulated Salt

Our Hi-Grade Granulated Salt is a food grade, high-purity, ultra-fine salt intended to be used for various food applications such as pickling, canning, prepared mixes, baking, and seasoning. Hi-Grade Granulated Salt can also be used in non-food applications acting as a chemical and bulking agent in various household and personal care products.

Bulk Food Grade Salt

Davis Wholesale Supply has access to and is equipped to provide high-quality bulk food grade salt. We currently offer Top-Flo® and Hi-Grade granulated salt delivery on pneumatic trucks. Full truckload minimum purchase required (approximately 23-25 tons). .