Our Products

Water Softener Salt

At Davis Wholesale Supply® , we work with a number of exclusive brands to bring you the best water softener salt products on the market. We source our water softener salt from brands such as Pro’s Pick® and Diamond Crystal®, offering several high-quality products – solar salt, cube salt, and pellets – all of which can be provided with Red-Out® or rust removal options. We also provide our customers with evaporated salt products that have been designed to meet all water softener needs. Such products include potassium chloride pellets and salt blocks.

Ice Melt & Rock Salt

When it comes to protecting your walkways, safety should be a top priority. By using our ice melting salts, you can protect your family, neighbors, and employees from the potential risk of falling. Our specially designed salts can help you to remove and melt ice surrounding your house and walkways. The salt itself is designed to protect your driveway, walkways, steps, metal railings, and even your back yard. When using our salts, you can be confident that you’re protecting your home or business without damaging your surroundings.

Premium Bottled Water

If you’re looking for top-quality bottled water, look no further than Davis Wholesale Supply and Aqua Von Drinking Water. Our purification process blends the processes of reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, and ozonation to provide you with great tasting water. This process works to remove all contaminants, including metals and salts, ensuring that only H2O remains.

Food Grade Salt

All of our food-grade salt is designed to meet your quality demands, ensuring that you get the best possible final result. We make use of Alberger® brand flake salt which is designed for superior blending, solubility and adherence when compared to cube-shaped alternatives on the market. Our salt is available in both packages and bulk sized options, making use of 25lb and 50lb poly-lined bags, tote bags, and in bulk.

Agricultural Salt

Our agricultural salt is specially designed for your animals and livestock, providing them with essential nutrients required for sustainable development and growth throughout each season. Champion’s Choice® Salt includes salt blocks, bagged salt for blending with feed, and loose bulk salt. With so many options to choose from, rest assured that we have the right options for your ag salt needs.