Pool Salt

No more red eyes, dry and itchy skin, green hair, bleached pool liners, or faded swimwear! Diamond Crystal® Splash Ready® Pool Salt gets everyone back into a clean pool fast.

Whether your goal is fun & togetherness or pure relaxation, Diamond Crystal® Splash Ready® Pool Salt dissolves quickly to either get you and your guests back in the pool faster for some fun, or back to relaxing while floating on your raft.

High purity salt like Diamond Crystal® Splash Ready® Pool Salt is recommended by manufacturers of salt water chlorinators for pools.

• Water less salty than a human teardrop
• Over 99% salt purity levels
• Naturally free of additives
• Over 99.8% soluble, dissolving quickly and evenly
• A safe alternative to chemical pool chlorine, providing the same level of clean at a lower chlorine level

40 lb bags (63 bags per pallet)

Splash Ready® Pool Salt Product Sell Sheet
Splash Ready® Pool Salt SDS