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WQA – Water Quality Association

WQA is a resource and information source, a voice for the industry, an educator of professionals, and a laboratory for product testing. Through the industry’s research arm, the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF), significant resources are being dedicated to independently conduct studies that show the benefits of treated water.

IWQA – Indiana Water Quality Association

The Indiana Water Quality Association (IWQA) is the state’s trade association representing Indiana’s water treatment professionals. IWQA members manufacture, sell, and service treatment equipment for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

OWQA - Ohio Water Quality Association

The Ohio Water Quality Association is the premier state trade association representing Ohio’s water quality professionals. We provide accurate and reliable information from government agencies, consumer protection groups, and other associations regarding issues affecting Ohio water quality.

MWQA - Michigan Water Quality Association

The Michigan Water Quality Association provides information to and takes calls from consumers to provide practical solutions to their water problems. The MWQA also funds research that promotes water purity and supports continued education and ethical behavior for its members.


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At Davis Wholesale Supply, we’re honored to be able give back to our friends & family in our own community, as well as those across the world who need a helping hand.

Hope Road Nicaragua

Davis Wholesale Supply and customers have partnered with Hope Road Nicaragua – a charity dedicated to improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of some of the most vulnerable people in the world – to bring fresh, clean water to the people of Nicaragua via the DWS Doing Well Together campaign. From May 1st through September 30th, $6 per caddy of bottled water sold will be donated to Hope Road to help install new wells and clean water pumps in the most needed areas of Nicaragua. In 2016, Hope Road Nicaragua expanded the clean water system to El Conejo, Santa Rita, and San Rafael Del Sur, as well as bought land and built a new well and tank in El Conejo. Pozos, or “Wells” in English, are changing the lives of thousands of people in Nicaragua!